Would you like to know more about the mechanisms of lipid oxidation in muscle-based foods?

Lipid oxidation is a complex process in muscle-based foods, such as fish, causing severe quality deterioration, e.g., off-odors, discoloration, texture defects and nutritional loss.

The complexity of muscle tissue -both composition and structure- poses as a formidable challenge in directly clarifying the mechanisms of lipid oxidation in muscle-based foods.

You can now access our recently published article on “Model systems for studying lipid oxidation associated with muscle foods: Methods, challenges, and prospects”

The article reviews the seven most commonly applied model systems and discusses their principle, preparation, and application. Further, the advantages and drawbacks of each model are summarized, and some comments about future prospects are also provided.

The article has been published with open access in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition and is authored by Haizhou Wu, Nantawat Tatiyaborworntham, Mahdi Hajimohammadi, Eric A. Decker, Mark P. Richards & Ingrid Undeland.

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