WaSeaBi Project Coordinator wins the Stephen S. Chang Award!

Congratulations to the WaSeaBi project coordinator Charlotte Jacobsen, from the Technical University of Denmark for winning the 2021 Stephen S. Chang Award

The historic Stephen S. Chang Award recognizes a scientist, technologist, or engineer who has made distinguished accomplishments in research for the improvement or development of products related to lipids.

Charlotte is the first woman to receive the award in its 30-year history.

In connection with her new title, Charlotte shared her research with the scientific community on Thursday 4 March in an online awards presentation.

Among others, Charlotte presented some of the results achieved in the WaSeaBi project. More specifically, she spoke about antioxidant protection of side-streams from seafood production.

Below, you can watch Charlotte’s awards presentation.

Approximately 48 minutes into the presentation, Charlotte informs about the results achieved in WaSeaBi.