WaSeaBi highlighted at the Bioeconomy Parliament in Sweden

On 23 October Ingrid Undeland from Chalmers University of Technology highlighted the WaSeaBi project at Bioekonomiriksdagen (the Bioeconomy Parliament) in Sweden.

During the event there was a sub session dedicated to the blue bioeconomy which dealt with the question: How do we create sustainable business from the ocean's resources? In this session, Ingrid Undeland gave a talk about biorefining of marine biomasses to multiple products where she included WaSeaBi.

The Bioekonomiriksdagen took place from 23-24 October in Gothenburg and is an event that gathers politicians, authorities, academy and industry to discuss challenges and progresses within the area of bioeconomy.

The initiators of the Bioekonomiriksdagen are IKEM, the Innovation and Chemistry industries in Sweden. The event is a platform for exchange of experience and to create consensus on strategies and conditions that need political support.

Photo: Ingrid Undeland from Chalmers University of Technology