Visit to Pescados Marcelino

In November, representatives from EIT Food and the Technical University of Denmark had the chance to meet with the industry project partner Pescados Marcelino and visit their mussels’ cooking premises in Aldan, Galicia.

Pescados Marcelino is an SME devoted to the improvement of aquaculture, sorting, cooking and packaging of mussel. They commercialize up to 2000 tons per year of mussel in several formats: cooked deep-frozen, cooked and packed in refrigerated brine.

The mussel’s industry is very close to circularity as they are revalorising almost 100% of all their side-streams: cooking water, shells and low quality mussels in different ways.

In WaSeaBi we are addressing side-streams from six different raw materials emerging from typical aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic processing industries in Europe including mussels, shells and mussels boiling water.

We are taking a whole chain perspective to succeed with high quality production of:

✔ Bioactive peptides for nutraceutical, food and feed applications
✔ Protein-based food ingredients
✔ Savoury ingredients and mineral supplements for food and feed

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