Two oral presentations at the 2021 AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo

The WaSeaBi partners have been busy disseminating results at this years’ AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo, where Haizhou Wu from Chalmers University of Technology gave two presentations about WaSeaBi.



During the session on Lipid Oxidation in Omega-3 Products, Haizhou gave a presentation on “Lipid Oxidation in Innovative Protein Enriched Products from Cod- salmon and Herring Backbones During Ice and Frozen Storage”. (Co-Authors: Mehdi Abdollahi and Ingrid Undeland from Chalmers University of Technology).

Secondly, Haizhou gave a presentation during the Antioxidant Applications sessions about the “Development of an Effective Dipping Strategy to Prevent Lipid Oxidation of Herring (clupea Harengus) Filleting Co-products”. (Co-Author: Ingrid Undeland from Chalmers University of Technology).

Both presentations are now available on AOCS’ website  where you can register for free. Click on the links above to see the presentations.