To all seafood producers: Help us, help yourselves!

Are you a seafood producer and would you like to turn the side-streams from your production into high value ingredients?

In the WaSeaBi project, we want to identify hurdles and bottlenecks that prevent exploitation of side-streams from different seafood productions so that we can come up with solutions that will enable exploitation of the side-streams. To do this, we need information on how the seafood industries are handling the side-streams today and what is needed to valorize the side-streams.

By helping us you help yourself in exploiting the side-streams by participating in this survey. The results from the survey will contribute to the development of new solutions for valorizing the side-streams.


But first, what are side-streams?
Side-streams are defined as all residual products after a production. Here are two examples:

  • After filleting a whole fish, the side-streams are head, bone, gut, and frames.
  • For cooked peeled shrimps, the side-streams are shells as well as cooking and peeling water.


What type of information are we looking for?
To provide you with the best prerequisites for completing the questionnaire, we hereby give you an introduction to what type of information we are looking for.

The first line of questions is about your processing line and products, e.g. type of raw material (shrimps, cod, trout, mussels, salmon, herring, other) and description of the processes (salting, filleting, freezing, cooking, canning, etc.).

The second line of questions are concerning solid side-streams and liquid side-streams, respectively. Here we will be asking how you are sorting the side-streams today (if this is the case) and for each side-stream generated from the different raw material we are looking for information concerning:

  • Production quantity per month (January – December)
  • Handling and storage conditions
  • Labour days per week (mean)
  • Storage temperature/time/conditions

Furthermore, we are looking for the following information:

  • Type of current (treatment/) application of side-stream
  • Income and cost from each kg of side-stream
  • Km to the destination place where the side-stream is value-added
  • Are the side-streams food grade?
  • Compositional information for the side-streams (fat, protein etc.)
  • Hurdles and bottlenecks in relation to valorising seafood side-streams

The last line of questions is concerning what kind of help is needed to start valorising your solid/liquid side-streams.

Thank you in advance for participating in the survey!


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