The hidden values in seafood side-streams

On 27 April 2022 four representatives from the WaSeaBi consortium presented results from the project at this year's Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona.

The sponsored presentation was titled: The hidden value in the side-streams and covered the following topics:

  • Would you like to turn the side-streams from your seafood production into high value ingredients?
    Hurdles and bottlenecks that prevent exploitation of side-streams from different seafood productions will be discussed.
  • Innovative sorting and stabilizations technologies for seafood by-products
    Scalable and innovative technology for sorting of herring by-products and a dipping technology for stabilization of herring and cod side streams as prerequisites for value addition of these resources will be presented.
  • Technologies for obtaining added value ingredients from seafood processing by-products
    Application of enzyme technology and membrane filtration in the recovery of valuable compounds from salmon, hake and mussel processing side-streams will be presented.
  • Upcycling seafood by-products to gel-forming proteins and marine oils at cold
    Most recent developments in the value addition of seafood by-products to gel-forming proteins and marine oils at low temperatures using the pH-shift technology will be presented.
  • Market applications for seafood processing side-streams: from nutraceuticals to feed
    An overview of the market possibilities in the food and feed sector for compounds obtained from seafood side-streams will be given: bioactive peptides, mineral supplements, savoury compounds.

The four representatives from WaSeaBi who gave the presentation were: Mehdi Abdollahi from Chalmers University of Technology, Carlos Bald and Jone Ibarruri Zamakona from AZTI, Grethe Hyldig from DTU - Technical University of Denmark

See the presentation below.