Students are diving into WaSeaBi

In August, the first MSc student, Mugdha S. Kunte, who worked on the WaSeaBi project at DTU - Technical University of Denmark graduated.

Her work demonstrated that it is possible to obtain a liquid rich in glutamic acid from cod side-streams by the use of new enzymes from Novozymes.


The liquid can potentially be used as an ingredient to promote umami flavour in food, which is a natural flavour enhancer. Further research is ongoing to optimize the enzyme process to obtain the ingredient and to evaluate its flavouring potential.

Two new students

And this fall, we have the pleasure of welcoming two new students who will be working on the project for a semester. The two students, Trine Pedersen and Dimitra Marinou from DTU, will be diving into the WaSeaBi project by looking into different methods for maintaining the quality of the seafood side-streams or utilizing it for new purposes.

This includes studying the effect of antioxidants to improve oxidative stability of cod side-stream as well as working on the production of bioactive peptides with antimicrobial and antioxidative properties from cod-side-streams by the use of enzymes.