Recovery of nutrients from herring and cod processing waters

Significant amount of nutrients such as protein, lipid, antioxidants are leaking to the process waters during processing of seafood. The processing steps consist of storage, cutting, filleting, rinsing, transportation, steaming and so on.

The loss of protein and lipid during processing is substantial, for instance, the processing of fish in one single company processing 10,000 ton of fish leading to the loss of 80 ton protein annually. Currently, the cleaning of process waters is done using chemicals which makes the recovered sludge unusable as feed or food ingredient.

In WaSeaBi, our aim is to recover valuable nutrients using food-grade technique upon which the recovered materials are suitable to be used for higher purposes, i.e, food/feed ingredient. The food-grade technique is comprised of a food-grade compound which interacts with the nutrients present in the process waters thus making larger particles which are then recovered via centrifugation.

The videos demonstrate the flocculation technique used for the recovery of nutrients from processing waters generated during processing of herring and cod at Sweden Pelagic AB and Jeka Fish. The larger amount of recovered biomass from herring processing water is due to higher amount of nutrient present in such water as compared to the cod processing water.

Recovery of nutrients from cod processing water


Recovery of nutrients from herring processing water