Help us become better at utilizing the whole fish!

Is seafood a part of your diet? If this is the case, your valuable input is needed.

In the WaSeaBi project, we are working on developing techniques so that more of the fish can end up on your plate instead of being wasted. We are particularly interested in learning about your habits, preferences and consumption of seafood such as where you buy the products, how often and what motivates you to buy the products. More importantly, we are interested in learning about your opinion on producing ingredients and new products from by-products from the seafood industry.

With your help, the WaSeaBi project can find ways to use the whole fish and shellfish - even the parts that are not used for producing food products today.


Fill in the questionnaire to help us achieve a more sustainable use of our seafood ressources.

414 consumers have already filled in the questionnaire, however we need to get a balanced picture of consumer perceptions across Europe.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Go to the questionnaire here, where you will find 25 simple questions. Feel free to share the link to the survey with colleagues, friends and family. We wish to get as many people to participate as possible.