New paper published in Food Chemistry

Does the type and combination of herring off-cuts determine protein yield and quality? Which herring off-cuts result in the highest protein yield? Does the catching season influence the quality of the proteins recovered from the off-cuts?

Get the answers in the newly published paper: “Protein isolation yield from herring co-products as well as the molecular weight distribution and functional properties of the recovered proteins were found to be strongly dependent on the type(s) of herring co-product processed and the catching season”, where WaSeaBi researchers have studied the effect of catching season (spring vs fall), pre-sorting and selective recombination of different herring filleting co-products on protein yield during valorisation using the alkaline pH-shift technology.

Further, the impacts of the pre-processing conditions on lipid oxidation, rheological, structural and functional properties of the proteins have been investigated.

The paper has been published in Food Chemistry with open access and is authored by Eline van Berlo, Ingrid Undeland, Mehdi Abdollahi from Department of Biology and Biological Engineering—Food and Nutrition Science, Chalmers University of Technology.

Read the paper here


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