Constructing value chains for side-streams

Intrinsic value is the driver for economic rollout of successful concepts into the market. This is why we in WaSeaBi construct and evaluate the potential value chains for different side-streams as well as by-catches from fisheries and aquaculture addressed in the project.

In November, the team working on this task mapped and simplified the basic units in the most promising value chains based on outcomes obtained in WP3, which is working on developing and testing (bio) technological processes on lab scale. On these grounds a first version of a WaSeaBi Value Navigator was developed, which is based on the stage gate approach from catch to successful concept.

Basic elements of this stage gate approach are the AHP and Decision-Making Support tools developed in WP2. Finally, five value chains are retained in different regions in Europe and will be validated in 2022 for practical implementation by the industrial partners involved in WaSeaBi.

Besides the direct commercial value in terms of profit, also sustainability aspects are covered in order to be able to offer responsible value chains out of WaSeaBi. The figure below illustrates the basic elements of the WaSeaBi Value Navigator.