Seafood Expo Global

Sponsored presentation: The hidden value in the side-streams

At this year’s Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona you have the chance to learn more about WaSeaBi and the hidden value in side-streams, when we will be giving a sponsored presentation on 27 April


Topics that will be covered during the session are:

  • Would you like to turn the side-streams from your seafood production into high value ingredients?
  • Innovative sorting and stabilizations technologies for seafood by-products
  • Technologies for obtaining added value ingredients from seafood processing by-products
  • Upcycling seafood by-products to gel-forming proteins and marine oils at cold
    Market applications for seafood processing side-streams: from nutraceuticals to feed

Four representatives from the WaSeaBi consortium will be presenting, namely: Mehdi Abdollahi from Chalmers University of Technology, Carlos Bald and Jone Ibarruri Zamakona from AZTI, Grethe Hyldig from DTU - Technical University of Denmark

When and where

Date: 27 April
Time: 13:15 - 14:00
Location: CC 5.2

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